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Welcome to Pentel South Africa


Pentel is one of the leading manufacturers of office and school stationery worldwide.
We are proud to make high quality stationery products such as:


clutch pencils

permanent markers

whiteboard markers

paint markers


art products


and much more. We strive to be the leader in quality stationery manufacturing.
Whether you are an art lover or just need general stationery, Pentel has a wide range of affordable products for variety of needs. All our products have a lifetime guarantee for the duration of the pen life against failure due to defects and workmanship. We pride ourselves in creating reliable stationery that allows you to complete even your most difficult task!


At Pentel we constantly strive to improve our products - keeping up with technological advances so that our consumers receive nothing but the best stationery products. We continuously strive to maintain our position as the leading stationery manufacturer in the world.

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